Join us as we celebrate our 3 year anniversary!


SATURDAY 4/19 7:30PM



The Makanda Project is a 13 piece ensemble that includes some of

Boston's most renowned jazz musicians. The group, formed in 2005,

performs its own arrangements of previously unheard compositions

by Boston-born multi-instrumentalist Makanda Ken McIntyre (1931-2011).

Dr. McIntyre had a distinguished career as a performer and educator,

yet remained under-recognized. His distinctive compositions are both

challenging and accessible, lyrical and provocative.

Leader, arranger, and pianist John Kordalewski studied and performed with him.

The other members of the group are Kurtis Rivers, Arni Cheatham, Sean Berry,

Charlie Kohlhase - saxophones; Jerry Sabatini - trumpet; Robert Stringer,

Sarah Politz - trombone; Bill Lowe - bass trombone, tuba;

Diane Richardson - voice; John Kordalewski - piano; Wes Brown - bass;

Warren Smith - drums

featuring special guest New York dancer Mickey Davidson.

$15/advance   $20/door


“Ken McIntyre was the most challenging and inspirational teacher! He taught at Wesleyan for a

couple of years and motivated many of us tobecome musicians, with his no nonsense work

ethic and his sense of humor. His music is playful, brilliant, serious, traditional, andavant garde -

in the spirit of Ornette, Mingus, Ellington. He deserves to be heard, and the fact that the best

players on the Boston sceneare devoted to keeping his music alive is testament to its greatness.”

Ben Baldwin

FRIDAY 4/18 7:30PM

An Evening with Dom Colizzi

Maine's own singer songwriter Dom Colizzi is making his debut

appearance at The Dance Hall before heading to Nashville.

Dom has caught the eye of some of the industry's most powerful

figures who all recommend that he move to Nashville to continue to

pursue his very promising country music career.  

This will be a special event for Dom as he will be signing a contract

with his new Manager Tom Crouse onstage!  Crouse is the father and

manager of Country Star Joel Crouse who is currently on tour with Darius

Rucker and has toured with Taylor Swift.  Tom and Dom will both be on

stage at some point during the evening to sign the

contract as well as take questions from Dom's fans.  

$12/advance   $15/door