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Rock My Soul Gospel Choir

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Since its inception in 2004, The Rock My Soul Gospel Choir has been bringing a new, revived spirit of gospel music to central and northern New England. Their performances have inspired packed houses of normally reserved Yankees to sing loudly along, clapping and stomping on the musics back-beat, even chiming in with spontaneous shouts of Hallelujah or Sing it, Sister!

Rock My Souls musical mission is to bring a secular, pan-cultural offering of inspirational music to churches, clubs, festivals, and concert stages  as well as to the hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, and hospices that make up its civic mission. The choir draws upon the diverse gospel traditions of the Deep South, Appalachia, New England, and elsewhere - and combines those with material from more contemporary sources. A typical performance might include songs from Leadbelly, Bill Monroe, Tom Waits, Blind Willie Johnson, Ruthie Foster, and Alfred Brumley. Interspersed with the music, director Dawn Boyer will from time to time share insights into the songs from a historical and cultural perspective, discussing how they relate to struggles with slavery and the fight for civil rights.

What is probably most remarkable is the dedication and spirit that marks Rock My Souls obvious love for this music. Backed by a band of top-flight musicians, the choir sings with a joy and intensity that will fill your heart.

$16/advance $20/door