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Weird Turn Pro CD Release

Weird Turn Pro

Weird Turn Pro

Friday, October 13
7:30 PM

Weird Turn Pro is a music group that plays the music of area derelict Mike Effenberger. Their name is a nod to Hunter S Thompson who, among many things, saw the value in both chaos and process. Those two forces are alternately employed by or yielded to by WTP as they create music that is both like water eroding granite over the millenia or the momentary of an open flame. The unit features members of Soggy Po' Boys, OURBIGBAND, and NYC cult hit Bing and Ruth.

They are excited to release their debut record, Effenberger's first as a leader, The Repeatedly Answered Question, to the world and elsewhere at the Dance Hall on Friday 10/13. Don't not be there.

$12/advance $15/door