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Soggy Po Boys 'Honoring a Tradition'


Saturday, September 30
Lecture @ 7:15 PM

Music @ 8:00 PM

On September 30th, 2017, The Soggy Po Boys will continue their ‘Honoring a Tradition’ series at the Dance Hall. This installment of the series will focus on Caribbean music and its influence on New Orleans music and culture. New Orleans has a reputation of being a cultural melting pot. This night will explore an important and often forgotten ingredient: the influence of immigrants from the Antibes, Martinique, Guyana, Haiti, the West Indies, and other regions of the Caribbean on New Orleans can not be overstated. New Orleans has been described as the northern most city in the Caribbean. Come on out on September 30th and hear the Soggy Po Boys illustrate why that is.

This event will start with a brief lecture on the Caribbean contributions to New Orleans culture by Stu Dias at 7:15PM, followed by a performance by the Po boys at 8:00PM.

$12/advance   $15/door