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Soggy Po Boys Honoring a Tradition Series: Professor Longhair Night

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Saturday, November 3, 2018
7:00 PM

The Soggy Po Boys’ Honoring a Tradition Series has been gone so long, but ask anyone who’s been to one before and they’ll assure you: it’s well worth the wait. Highly anticipated and bound to sell-out, these lecture-performances differ from the usual Po Boys gig in that they focus on the cultural contributions of one of NOLA’s many musical giants, prefaced with a presentation to provide biographical context. Grab your notebook; this one will be especially educational as the boys go back to school with the rumba-boogie stylings of Professor Longhair (also known as Henry Roeland Byrd).

Endearingly referred to as Fess, Longhair’s output is a gumbo of sorts, a tour of New Orleans music, blending mambo and other Caribbean genres with barrelhouse blues and second line. Dr. John, one of Fess’ many “students,” would further claim that Fess “put funk into music,” experimenting with a rhythmic vocabulary that would directly influence the music of James Brown. His most famous songs–“Big Chief” and “Mardi Gras in New Orleans,” to name only a few–are steeped in local tradition, and while the great majority of them never cracked the mainstream, they are locally loved with timeless reverence much like a hymnbook for all of Orleans Parish.

If you already know about Professor Longhair then please excuse the choir preaching–I’ll assume you saved the date somewhere around “rumba-boogie.” However, if Fess wasn’t part of your previous curricula then we’ve got a lot to cover. No need to be a teacher’s pet but a little studying wouldn’t hurt. Class starts at 7 PM on Saturday, November 3. Don’t be late. Better yet, get there early so you can get a seat right at the front of the hall. You might just learn something.

Stu Dias- Vocals / Guitar

Eric Klaxton- Clarinet/Sop. Sax

Zach Lange- Trumpet

Nick Mainella- Tenor Sax

Mike Effenberger- Piano

Brett Gallo- Drums

Scott Kiefner- Bass

Music at 8pm
$12/advance   $15/door